Latke Toppings That Far Outshine Apple Sauce

Hanukkah is here! And that means latkes. The little potato fritters are one of the best holiday foods because they are easy to make, satisfying (yay, carbs!), and can be topped with a variety of yummy things. These are some of our faves. 

The Deli Special

Salmon and cream cream is a classic combination, but another classic is the Reuben. Make it by layering your latke with mustard, slices of deli meat, pickles, and a little bit of honey on top. 

The O.A.T.

Smashed avocado goes excellently on everything, and latkes are not the exception. Use the mushed avo as a base and then top it with slices of tomato and red onion. Drizzle on some pesto to finish it off.

The Greek

If you’re a fan of tzatziki, you’ll enjoy this topping. Begin by spreading thick Greek yogurt on your latke, and then topping it with slices of cucumber, fresh dill, salt, and pepper. 

The Apple Update

Prefer something on the sweet side? Simmer apple slices with butter and brown sugar on a pan until they begin to caramelize. Then, add a bit of cinnamon into some crème fraîche, layer it on the latke, and top with the golden apples. 

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