Lady Gaga at Pride NYC

If there is one celeb that is going to go hard for Pride, we all know it is going to be Lady Gaga. This singer is a fabulous woman for so many reasons, one of which, because she is an avid LGBTQ activist and is not afraid to show the world how special the community is. She doesn’t care if she is judged, or who is watching her. This year, she went all out for Pride in New York City, and of course her outfit was as amazing as they always are. We know we are not surprised with how great she looked.

Posing outside of a restaurant, she is seen wearing these amazing, colorful jeans by designer Marina Hoermanseder. These jeans have small cuts in the front and have cool buckles holding them together. She is wearing a white t shirt with a cool western belt, and booties. Of course, she adds some more color with her bangles.  Obviously – the more color, the better. She wore her blonde hair straight down, with a middle part. She looked fab!

And then, she decided to take it even further with her makeup. She wore rainbow eyeshadow, which no one can pull off besides her. She even posted a photo of this great outfit on her Instagram page.

“I love the lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 community more than I can say,” she captioned her photo. “So I’ll sing it instead. Forever. And that’s a NY promise. One love.”

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