Everything Is Love: Jay Z and Beyonce

Jay Z and Beyonce stole the spotlight around the world when they dropped their new collaborative album entitled “Everything is Love” just a few days ago.

There have been rumors of the album going around for a while now between the dynamic couple but no one knew exactly what this album would be like. We aren’t surprised with how amazing it is.

Last November, Jay Z announced that they had started a project together as they worked on two other albums. He explained that they used their music and their art as therapy and as an activity they love doing together. And boy, they sure are good at it!

There was some confusion as to where the album would be streamed, and at first, it was not available even on Spotify. For some time, it was only available on Tidal music, the music platform that Jay Z partially owns.

Before the album was released to other platforms, fans who wanted to listen to the music either had to sign up and make an account for Tidal, or listen to the short clips that were released. Beyoncé called out Spotify on the track “NICE.”

She raps, “If I gave…two fucks about streaming numbers woulda put Lemonade up on Spotify. Fuck you.” This referms that her album that was released in 2016 was never available on Spotify.

Now, however, the music is easier to access and fans around the world are enjoying this new album.

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