Lady Gaga Announces Her Return On American Horror Story

It looks like Mother Monster is back!


In an Z100 radio interview, pop sensation Lady Gaga announced that yes, she will be back in the popular TV thriller series American Horror Story. But, she warned, it is still not settled in what capacity she will appear in the show. “ “I can’t promise you how or when or anything like that” she told listeners.


We are not surprised she is back. The singer is full of talent, and it seems that also includes acting. She recently won a Golden Globe for her role as The Countess in season five of American Horror Story.


Although the production has not announced and casting decisions to the public, we are all hopeful that the Lady will return. Until this date, still very little is know about the next installment, except for whispers that it will be set in the present time with “ “echoes of the past”, FX chief revealed in a press conference.

Mark your calendars, the sixth season will be out in Fall this year.

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