Julianne Moore Shows How to Get that Redhead Glow-Up

As a redhead, it can be kind of difficult finding makeup that complements your coloring. But that’s why Julianne Moore is here to help. As one of the most famous gingers in Hollywood, the Still Alice actress shared her beauty routine with Vogue so that we can learn her tricks.

Julianne first preps her skin with serums and moisturizers, and, of course, sunscreen. 

“My mother was very fair-skinned and she was concerned about us getting sunburned all the time. She wouldn’t even let us go outside at the beach until after three o’clock,” the Oscar winner revealed. 

Like many redheads, Julianne carries the freckle gene. Yet, she chooses to embrace her cute little beauty marks instead of covering them up. 

“I don’t like a lot of coverage,” she explains while applying a foundation from Hourglass. “I like to be able to see the freckles in my skin and the color in my skin, as well.”

After self-admittedly “destroying” her eyebrows as a teenager and again after they grew back, the 62-year-old uses Anastasia’s Brow Wiz to fill them in. She uses a blonde shade, not ginger.

Using a sheer rosy balm from Living Libations, she applies it to both her lips and cheeks. 

“People always think that redheads look great in peaches and oranges,” Julianne says. “Personally, I think we don’t, so I like things that are pinker, or like a plum and generally something pretty sheer.”

The starlet finishes the look off with a Laura Mercier pencil in Amethyst on her eyes, a slick of brown Dior Show mascara, and Hourglass’s Red Zero on her lips. 

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