Denim Trends to Try in 2023

While specific trends may come and go, denim overall will forever be a staple in our wardrobes. Every year brings the arrival of new cuts and washes, and we always look forward to seeing what becomes popular. The 2010s saw the revival of the ‘90s high-waisted mom jeans, and this year, y2k styles are making a comeback. Pack up your skinny jeans (for now; just wait a few years and they’re sure to come back into fashion). This year is all about slouchy tailoring and wide silhouettes. Here are a few we’re especially loving.

Long Skirts

Move over, miniskirts. Maxi-length styles have taken over as the denim skirt style of the day, and we’re here for it. Not only do they look incredibly chic, but they’re also quite comfortable and pose much less risk for a wardrobe malfunction.

Wide Leg Jeans

Sometimes referred to as “puddle pants,” these jeans feature an extra wide leg that sometimes collects in a pool of fabric around the ankles. They’re probably not the best choice for walking outside on rainy days, but they’re great for when you’re looking for a balance between comfy and polished.

Cargo Pants

Cargo denim, to be precise. If there’s one thing we hate about women’s denim in particular, it’s the general lack of functional pockets they provide. With cargo pants, this is no longer an issue. You’ll have plenty of space to carry all of your necessities (and maybe even snacks.)

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