Is Usain Bolt Going To Join Dancing With The Stars?

Jamaican born runner Usain Bolt is not only considered the fastest man in the world, he is also thought to be the fastest man ever. The Olympic champion has recently made it known that he would be up for a new challenge that would be a new challenge for his world-famous feet: Dancing with the Stars.

Over the years it has been incredibly fun checking out which celebrities make their way to the Dancing with the Stars stage. At this point, it’s a veritable rite of passage. We have seen everything from childhood favorites, of-the-moment stars and celebs looking to bring about the second coming of their careers. Getting Usain Bolt on the show would certainly be a big win and would certainly be a big draw for fans everywhere.

Usain Bolt reportedly told People magazine, “I would definitely do it. I think I can dance.” He is not entirely wrong, he has been spotted on more than one occasion getting jiggy with it. Whether it is after a great run or on an interview, Bolt knows how to get down.

The runner is reportedly retiring next year, so Dancing with the Stars could definitely the next step in a truly legendary career. We will stay tuned!

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