Is Gordon Ramsay Going Vegan?

One of the most notorious chefs, foodies, and celebrities of our time is Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay has made a name for himself as not only being a very talented chef, but for being a harsh critic of those who claim culinary excellence but actually fall short of utilizing proper technique. Gordon Ramsay has gained a true fan base with his snarky comments and British accent throughout his years as the host of Hell’s Kitchen and other cooking shows.

Ramsay is known for creating excellent and extremely high quality dishes, most of which are made with meat, cheese, cream, or other animal products. So, as no surprise, when he recently tweeted that he was going to try out being vegan, his fans and the rest of the culinary world was shocked.

His tweet read, “ Going to give this #vegan thing a try… Yes guys you heard that right. GX”. The tweet was accompanied by what appeared to be a cheese-less pizza. Ramsay is known for his passionate love for meat products and has even publicly tried to get a vegetarian to eat meat for a televised event.

About a day later, Ramsay announced that he recently opened a new restaurant by the name of Street Pizza. At this restaurant he offers a vegan option, notably the vegan pizza pictured by his tweet. So, as it turns out, this meat loving chef doesn’t seem to be going vegan any time soon but utilized his social media presence to illustrate a smart business move.

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