best gifts for your fashionable friends

Best gifts for your Fashionable Friends:


Buying gifts for your friends is not always easy. It’s hard to know what they want or what they would like, especially if you don’t have the same taste or wear the same kinds of things. If you have very fashion forward an girly friends with birthdays or bachelorette parties coming up, these recommendations are perfect for you because they are super easy to find and general enough that everyone loves them. They are all decently priced and incredibly cute and trendy. Most of them will never go out of style and are super in right now. You’ll want to get these gifts for yourself too because they are so great and useful. Who doesn’t love presents?!


An amazing gift for close friends are customized makeup bags or small pouches. Not only can these small bags be used for cosmetics, they also can be worn as clutches for night time or used to hold a phone at the beach. Websites like Stony Clover have tons of options of sizes and colors for these kinds of small bags. You can write your friends name or initials on the bag and add small patches that represent your friends personality. How cute?! These bags come in the mail super quickly and look so cute so you can order them as last minute gifts if you forgot to get something ahead of time and it will look like you put a ton of effort into her gift. Keep in mind that the more patches you add to the bag, the more expensive it becomes so don’t go crazy when adding patches, as cute and fun as they can be.

Another amazing gift following the trend of customization are jean jackets! You can add super cute patches onto simple jackets to make them more personal and fun for your girlfriends. You either can buy a jean jacket and iron patches that you can find at most craft stores or you can find websites online that make the jackets for you. Either way, this gift is super fun and girly and we are sure that your girlfriends will love to wear them around town. Jean jackets can be worn with almost every outfit so she definitely will make good use out of this. Once she has the jacket with a few patches on it, she can buy her own patches and add more as she pleases. This is an ongoing project! As time goes on, you can give her patches to put on as small presents. Everyone loves this gift because it literally lasts forever and it’s fun and easy to keep adding patches.


best gifts for your fashionable friends


Another great personalized gift for fashionable friends is a customized phone case. Your friend will always have her phone with her, which means she will always have a piece of you with her. These phone cases can be so cute and it is a gift she will for sure use every single day. You can add pictures of the two of you together, make a collage of her favorite people or do something as simple as just writing her initials or name. A classic design is a monogram pattern with a cute background as seen in the photo below. These cases are super fun and cheap and make a great gift that will go to very good use. You can make these in some phone shops or find websites that do it for you online. Your friends will love these cases!


best gifts for your fashionable friends

Cute jewelry is always a safe bet when shopping for gifts for your most fashionable girlfriends. Fun designers like Roxanne Assoulin have young and colorful jewelry that all of your friends will want. Once they get one from you, they will want more and more. These bracelets are super cute to stack on your wrist and can be worn in the day time and at night. You can also get matching ones because they are quite affordable and make great friendship bracelets. Lots of celebrities wear these bracelets so she will feel super cool in them too. You can also buy tickets to go to one of the Make Your Own Bracelet events and customize her bracelets with the colors and beads you think she would like. While this is more expensive than just buying from the website, it is fun to go to events like these and to make sure you get exactly what you want.


best gifts for your fashionable friends


If your friend is a fashion diva, she probably likes to sleep in style just as much as she likes to strut the streets in style. Silk pajamas with her initials monogrammed in the corner is such a cute and nice gift for one of your girlfriends. You can either buy the pajamas and bring them to a tailor to have them monogrammed or find a company online that does it. This is another gift that is timeless and that she can use for a long time. You will love these pajamas so much you will want to get a pair for yourself too! This is a very cute gift and it can be for someone you aren’t as close to because it is a standard gift.


best gifts for your fashionable friends

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