If You Want a Warm and Welcoming Home, Avoid These Mistakes

Whether you’re hosting guests or simply enjoying some alone time, you’ll surely want to live in a warm and inviting home. If so, here are some simple mistakes you’ll want to avoid making with your house design.

Too Much Black

Often viewed as fashionable and elegant, black can also come off as gloomy and unwelcoming. While it’s permissible to use some black accents while decorating, make sure not to use too much black so that it dominates the space.

Not Mixing Materials

If you have a home where everything has silver finishing or one type of wood, this can come off looking old if not a little neglected. Make sure to mix materials up to keep things looking interesting.

Everything Is From One Store

Although buying a complete furniture set can seem like a logical way to save time and money, it can look generic, thereby emitting an impersonal feel. While it may be more tiring, going to different stores and mixing antique pieces with modern ones will give your home a little more personality.

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