Luxury Shower Ideas That Designers Are Raving About

While your bathroom may seem as if it has everything you need right now, a little creativity can make it feel more luxurious than you previously imagined, especially in the shower. Here are some luxury shower ideas that designers have been raving about.

Tiled or Stone Tub

If you have an all-in-one shower and bathtub, then consider designing the tub’s exterior with either tiles or stonework. Designer Amy Vroom recommends: “Tile the skirt. And if there’s an under-mount tub, add a stone slab to the top of it for an extra special feature.”

Mix Natural Stone With Color

Consider putting graphic tiles in your shower, either from floor to ceiling or on a single side. “The color brings warmth to a space while the stone elevates the details,” designer Gina Gutierrez explained.

Pick Your Hardware Carefully

Rather than installing any basic shower head, consider installing one with a fancy or vintage look. Also, think about the type of faucets and knobs that you install as this can transform your shower.

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