How to Determine Your “Color Season”

One of the most challenging parts of developing your personal style is learning to recognize the difference between what looks good in general and what looks good on you. Have you ever seen a picture of someone wearing a particular outfit and thought that it looked great, only to end up disappointed when trying on the same thing for yourself? It may have been that the other person you saw wearing the outfit was a different season than you. Understanding your season and what colors work best for you can make all of the difference in terms of how a piece looks on you and how confident you feel. Here’s how to determine yours.

Check Your Undertone

One of the most important factors in determining your color season is to figure out whether your skin has a warm or cool undertone. To check yours, put on a white shirt and stand in natural light. If your skin appears rosy or pinkish compared to the shirt, your undertone is cool. If it appears more yellow or golden, your undertone is warm. Warm undertones indicate you are a spring or an autumn, while cool undertones mean you’re a winter or summer.

Consider Your Hair

If your hair has a reddish or strawberry blonde color, it’s most likely that you’re a spring or an autumn. If your undertone is warm and your overall coloring is deep (dark hair, dark eyes, and low contrast between hair and skin), you are an autumn. If your hair, skin, and eyes are light with a warm undertone, you are a spring.

If your undertone is cool, you can determine if you’re a summer or winter based on the level of contrast between your hair and skin. If your hair is much darker than your skin, it’s most likely you’re a winter. If your hair color is ashy and the level of contrast against your skin is low, you’re a summer.

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