Holiday Nail Trends That Are Everywhere This Year

Experimenting with trends is a great way to have fun with fashion, but it can get fairly expensive. It’s become standard for trends to go in and out of style at a rate that’s difficult for most of us to keep up with, and this creates strain on both our wallets and the environment. That said, we know that fashion and beauty are forms of self-expression that are important to so many people.

Rather than suggest forgoing trends entirely, we love the idea of trying out smaller, simpler options that don’t have the same potential to leave you with buyer’s remorse. Nail art is one of our favorites and this holiday season has inspired several nail art trends that we’re especially excited to try.

Starburst Twinkles

This trend is a fun way to pay homage to the spirit of the season without venturing being too cartoonish. The starbursts can be painted using a glitter polish for extra shine or a plain color for a more understated look.

Border Nails

We like to think of this trend as kind of a French Manicure 2.0. There’s still a bit of nude or pale pink space in the center, but the nail is outlined with bold colors and lines that create a fun frame.


We have a feeling Taylor Swift is responsible for this one (have you seen her new music video for Bejeweled?!) But whatever’s behind the trend, we’re not mad about it. Silver and gold designs of all kinds are all over social media, offering a fun alternative to the seasonal defaults of red and green.

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