How to Choose the Perfect Bathing Suit

We have a confession: we plan on spending as much of the summer as we can on the beach or lazing by the pool. If you’re in the same camp, then swimsuits are likely to become your new uniform. Here’s how to get one that will make you feel amazing. 

Choose Your Cut-Outs Carefully

Tan lines are an inevitable consequence of wearing a swimsuit. With that in mind, pick a suit that will leave the most flattering mark. A crisscrossed back or asymmetrical shoulder may seem cool until you want to wear something that exposes those underdone spots.

Comfort is Crucial

No one wants to spend hours feeling as though their swimsuit is trying to suffocate them. The perfect swimsuit is a balance between style and comfort. Forget about the size on the tag and go for something that fits well and actually lets you breathe.

Strut Your Stuff

As John Legend says, you’ve got to love all your curves, edges, and perfect imperfections. Your body is beautiful and you have to embrace it. Pick a swimsuit that makes you feel your most confident, gorgeous self, and get your glow on! 

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