How To Appear More Confident

You know those people that just seem so confident? No matter what’s going on or who they are with, they just seem super comfortable with themselves and around others. That could be youreally it can. Just follow these simple tricks to appear more confident.

Keep Your Head Up

No, not metaphorically. We mean physically keep your head up. When you’re walking, sitting, or standing, refrain from looking down as much as possible. This means limiting the amount of time you spend looking at the ground when you walk and try not to look at your phone too often. Confident people always have their heads high, making them appear more open.

Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is huge for communicating confidence. When you meet someone’s eye, you’re showing them that you are fully present in the conversation. If you are constantly looking away or avoiding eye contact, it seems like you’re not sure of yourself.

Remember We Are All Human

This is the real key to confidence. Often, when we don’t feel confident, it’s because we think there’s something wrong with us, leaving us feeling insecure. It’s important to remember that we are all humanmeaning we all have flaws and make mistakes. Remembering this helps put less pressure on our interactions, and therefore get out of our heads that are making us feel insecure!

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