How to Accentuate Your Best Features

With fashion trends coming and going each season, it can be difficult to stay in style while dressing for your body type. At the end of the day, each one of us deserves to accentuate our best features. If you’re finding it tricky to do that, here are some tips to make sure you absolutely slay like the queen you are!

Skim the Surface

Maxi skirts have been on trend for quite a while, but wide-leg pants are definitely having a moment in the spotlight. The items share a similar structure, so this rule applies to both. Regardless of which you choose to wear, ensure that they are long enough to just skim the floor. Having them even an inch higher can make you seem shorter.

Don’t Go Low

Yes, we know, the ‘90s are back in style. The decade featured an abundance of low-rise jeans, pants, and skirts, but the look isn’t always the most flattering. Low-rise anything can totally throw off your body proportions. Rather wear pants and skirts at your natural waist.

Free the Knee

Wearing dresses and skirts that stop at the knee can also set your body proportions out of whack. Avoid looking frumpy by choosing midi styles or maxi styles.

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