This Japanese Exercise Routine is the Secret to Living Longer

The Japanese diet is one that is rich in fish, features many plant-based dishes, and tries to keep sugar to a minimum. It can be said that this is the reason that residents live an average of 84.62 years. But there is another trick to having the highest life expectancy in the world: radio taisō.

Having started in the late 1920s, radio taisō is a series of exercises that are broadcast on Japanese radio each morning. Similar to a warm-up routine, they are gentle and take only a few minutes to do, making them appropriate for any age.

Fancy trying it yourself? Here’s what you need to do. 

Step #1

Stand tall and stretch your whole body.

Step #2

Bend your knees up and down.

Step #3

Revolve your arms up and around.

Step #4

Spread out your legs and open your chest. 

Step #5

Lean from side to side. 

Step #6

Bend towards the floor with rhythmic bounces. 

Step #7

Twist your body from left to right while swinging your arms. 

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