How Much TV Should You Watch a Week?

When we were children, our parents used to tell us that watching too much TV or playing too many video games would fry our brain. We then sardonically rolled our eyes, because the prospect of such a thing sounded ridiculous. All these years later, we understand that our parents were touching on something much more subtle. True, frying our brains the TV did not—at least not in the literal sense. But watching too much TV can definitely negatively affect one’s psyche, and one must limit the amount they watch per week.

Addictive Shows

If you watch too much TV, you’ll certainly feel the negative effects on your mental energy. Think about how you feel after you binge-watch multiple seasons of a series within a short span of time. You usually feel depleted, or a bit detached. This isn’t necessarily your fault, rather the fault of binge culture and the tendency for shows to have an addictive quality to it, placing strong emphasis on shock-value.

How Much Is Too Much?

Knowing that we have the ability to get addicted to certain shows, we need to monitor our intake of said shows. Watching more than two hours per day is a tad excessive, in our opinion. We’d honestly recommend keeping it to one hour per day, or even a half hour, but we recognize that’s hard for some. Weekends can be a bit more flexible—but for the most part, try to avoid watching past one or two hours in a day.

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