Here’s Why You Need a Workout Buddy

There’s an old adage that “no man is an island.” This is true on so many levels, and certainly when it comes to working out. It’s quite common for us to think we can do everything on our own—and when it comes to matters of fitness, we’re especially stubborn. We all want to show the world that we achieved something without the help of others. But guess what. There’s nothing wrong with having others help you, so here’s why you need a workout buddy.

Holding You Accountable

The first and most obvious reason for having a workout buddy is that they hold you accountable. To touch on what we said before, we love stroking our own egos—but then when we decide we’re not in the mood to do something, that ego trip somehow is nowhere to be found. Having a workout buddy allows you to let go and appreciate that you might need some outside help.

It’s More Exciting

Another thing to point out is that working out by yourself can be lonely. And let’s be real, this is one of the main reasons people don’t stick to it. With a workout buddy, you have good company, and this will encourage you to keep at it.

It Goes Both Ways

Finally, it’s important to remember that in addition to your workout buddy helping you, you’re helping them as well. For the same reasons it’s good for you to have them, they need your help as well—and that will make you feel empowered.

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