Helen Mirren Says She Just Became A Feminist Recently

She is known as one of the most famous feminists. She is one of the most powerful and beloved women around the world, however only lately she confessed during a commencement speech at Tulane University that it took her a long time to consider herself a feminist.

“I didn’t define myself as a feminist until quite recently, but I had always lived like a feminist and believed in the obvious: that women were as capable and as energetic and as inspiring as men,” the Oscar-winning legend said. 

“But to join a movement called feminism seemed too didactic, too political.” Things changed though as she “[came] to understand that feminism is not an abstract idea but a necessity if we — and really by ‘we,’ I mean you guys — are to move us forward and not backward into ignorance and fearful jealousy. Now, I am a declared feminist,” she added. “And I would encourage you to be the same.” The 71-year-old actress has three upcoming movies in the works. Good luck! 

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