Heels That Dont Give You Blisters Has 28,000 Person Waiting List

Most women understand the struggle of having to trek through an already exhausting workday while wearing some form of uncomfortable shoe in order to look professional. Whether you force yourself to smile through the pain of wearing pointy heels to work, or glamorous pumps on a night out, the struggle of having to give up comfort for style when it comes to shoes is all too real for most women.

And when a comfy, yet fashionable shoe does come out on the market, you can best be assured that the shoe will sell out quickly. Everlane released a cute little shoe earlier in the year that had women raving. The shoe comes in a variety of colors and basically looks like a dainty little flat with a nicely portioned, mini heel.

These shoes seem to pair well with every type of outfit, according to those lucky enough to have purchased a pair. And although the shoes look great stylistically, they are more popularly known for being extremely comfortable. Women who own these shoes claim that their feet have never felt better after a long day of work.

Unsurprisingly, when these shoes were launched several months ago, they were instant hits, selling out in less than 24 hours and leaving behind a waitlist of 28,000 people who all wanted to purchase the shoe. The shoes retail at $145 on Everlane’s website. The higher price appears to be something that many women would gladly pay in order to purchase these shoes that will not cause their feet to kill after a hard day of work.

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