Your Top Beauty Mistakes And How To Fix Them

With a million and one things going on it’s no surprise that in between staying on top of our professional admin and maintaining our own personal lives, from errands to beauty regimes on the odd occasion we may actually make a mistake. It’s allowed. We’re just human.

The sad truth, however, is that it’s often our hair and skin that bear the brunt of or errors, but never fear, here are a few of the more common beauty mistakes we make AND how to fix them.

With the latest advent of tools that use heat to straighten or curl our silky tresses there is no doubt that at one point or another we have probably caused some sort of damage to our hair. Not to worry, the damage is most definitely not irreparable and with a little break from the heat and chemicals and a nice healthy dose of a leave in protein/protector conditioner , and before you know it, your hair should be back to its silky self. Another sure fire way to make sure your hairs stays in a super healthy condition, especially after brushing at it too hard or lying about in the sun for hours on end (UV rays also damage our hair), take yourself down to your trusty salon. Nothing works better at fixing your then some time spent with your hairstylist and his/her scissors. A trim is all you need.

If you are stressed, hormonal, slept with your makeup on again or perhaps have just been eating badly your skin will inevitably break out. And in reality you will probably pick it and in turn make it worse. If this is the case. Stop. stop picking. It will only make it worse. Try stay away from the foundation and apply and after cleaning your skin with warm water and a gentle face wash apply an antibacterial cream to stop the area from getting infected. And then – leave it alone. It will get better. We promise.

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