Healthier Alcohol Choices for Your Next Night Out

When out on the town, it is common to indulge in a little bit of alcohol. If you’ve been watching your health and feel hesitant, just remember that everything is okay in moderation. Alcohol may not the healthiest thing to put into your body, but there is nothing wrong with having a drink every so often. Here is what to order if you want something on the healthier side. 


If you can handle the strong stuff, go for a drink with tequila in it. Despite its reputation for making people end up on the floor, tequila actually contains less sugar and fewer calories than other alcohols due to being made from agave.

Hard Kombucha

Kombucha is kind of a superfood, and so we guess that makes the hard version an alcoholic superfood? Both are high in probiotics which aids gut health—the hard version has simply been fermented for longer, giving it a buzz.

Red Wine

Yes, it’s true, red wine is actually good for your heart! Red wine is rich in antioxidants and can also lower your cholesterol. Sounds like a good enough reason to go for a Merlot.

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