He Was Proposing To Her for 3 Years but She Only Noticed At the Very End

The proposal is a big deal. It’s the moment when your partner shows how important you are to him. It’s not only about the ring: It’s about the words and gestures that come with it.

Timothy and Candice got married after 3 years of dating. What Candice didn’t know is that Timothy slowly proposed over the course of those 3 years.

When she finally realized, she “burst into tears.” On the big moment she realized what incredible spouse she had on her side and how much effort he put into it. He wrote her 14 letters and she had no idea they had a secret message in it.

When he revealed the secret message she was incredibly surprised as she never noticed anything. The couple got together in 2013 and got married after 3 years in Sydney. At the wedding he serenaded her with a song written by him throughout their relationship. Isn’t it romantic?

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