Have You Tried the Hot Girl Walk?

Yes, warmer weather is on its way, but that has nothing to do with the Hot Girl Walk. So before you start imagining yourself dripping with sweat due to your body overheating, allow us to explain. 

During November 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us found ourselves stressed and anxious. Mia Lind was one of them.

The then-college student needed a way to calm her mind amid the chaos and so she began walking. Although it may be something we do unconsciously all day, walking can be a fantastic way to relieve stress and center yourself. 

While on her daily walk, Lind began to take stock of her life and check in with herself.

She began posting videos of herself walking on social media alongside the hashtag #hotgirlwalk, and so the Hot Girl Walk movement was born. 

“Our generation sees walking, or at least did… as not really a valid form of exercise,” the 24-year-old explains. “For some people starting out, [those] can be really scary, and walking is a very accessible form of exercise. You can be at any fitness level to begin [and] it’s completely free.”

So, what makes this kind of walk different to any others?

Well, during your 4 mile stroll, your mind should be focused on 3 things: 

The things that you are grateful for. What your goals are. And last but not least, how hot you are, because hotness is a mindset. 

“It’s really all about building confidence and taking time for yourself,” Lind says. 

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