Get A Luxury Look For Less Money

First, if you never wore silk, you have to try it.

Silk work best at the warmest time of the years as they are cooler and more ventilating than other fabrics. Second, when we say versatile we mean it – they come in so many colors and forms: They are a great replacement for stuffy button ups for the workplace and make for a modest yet sexy first date look.

Especially delicious in deep jewel tones, silk blouses add texture and sheen to your style. Always keep a few in your closet for the hot summer days, we love to buy the same design just in different colors to keep the matching game more flexible.

Silk blouses are another versatile piece you just need in your closet. One of our favorite shopping scores is an item that looks way more expensive than it actually was. And we find that silk blouses fit that bill almost every time.

Whether it’s real silk or silky, these tops just exude luxury. However, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to attain said luxury.

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