The Definitive Ranking of the Kardashian Family

The Kardashian clan is one of the most well known celebrity families in the world.  The women of this family are extremely beautiful and successful.  However, which of these Kardashian ladies  is actually living the best life?

Kylie- Kylie has started her own empire.  Her popularity has recently exploded and her makeup line is constantly sold out.  She is beautiful and has a fair number of trends that she has started in the fashion and cosmetic industry, And while she is extremely successful, she is the youngest of the Kardashians and is already a mom of the adorable baby Stormi.

Kim- Kim is the Kardashian who ultimately first famed the family’s name.  She became famous by releasing a sex tape of her and a celebrity.  She then capitalized on her fame and has become of of Hollywood’s most notorious fashion icons.  She has her own makeup lines, clothing lines, business, and is very successful.  After a few failed relationships and marriages, she is currently settled down with Kanye West and they have three beautiful children together.

Khloe- Khloe is one of the Kardashians with the biggest personality.  She is very well like among fans and often is typically people’s favorite because of her sassy remarks that she makes to her sisters.  She is relatable to many because she has always claimed to have felt like the ugly duckling of her family.  However, she is stunning and smart and is also expecting her first child at the moment.

Kourtney- Kourtney is the Kardashian sister who seems to have her life together for the most part. Although there is often drama involved with her ex, Scott, she enjoys co-parenting her three adorable kids.  She is also the oldest of the Kardashian siblings and still looks as beautiful as ever. She is known for her interior design style and definitely has some of the best taste in terms of style.

Kendall- Kendall, like Kylie, technically isn’t a Kardashian, she is a Jenner.  However, she is still a part of this over the top family. Kendall is known for being chill, real, and cool. She is also stunning and is one of the world’s top models.  Many people argue that Kendall Jenner is the most naturally beautiful sibling, as she has not undergone excessive plastic surgery like her sisters.  She is extremely well known and her talents can stand alone without the association of her family’s fame.

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