Gaining Weight on Your Period? It’s Completely Normal & You’re Not Alone

Our body goes through many changes during that time of the month, and weight gain is one of the most annoying. If you notice that your number on the scale is much higher than expected when you’re on your period, you’ll be happy to learn it’s completely normal and it happens to everyone.

Raging Hormones

Hormonal changes are pretty common during the menstrual cycle and they’re the main reason why you’re dealing with weight gain. They can cause water retention and constipation, leading to bloating and weight gain, but they’ll usually go away once your period does.

Dealing With Cravings

Raging hormones can also trigger your food cravings for all things sweet, so you’ll likely find yourself eating more than you usually do when you’re on your period. You can always try to satisfy these cravings with a balanced diet consisting of fruits and veggies but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work.

Less Activity

The gym is the last thing on our mind when we’re dealing with cramps and discomfort, and there’s no need to push yourself to work out if you don’t feel like it. Skipping your workouts for a few days is not such a big deal and you can always go for walks or do some light exercises at home.

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