Fun Fitness Activities That Can Make Period Pain More Bearable

Working out is probably the last thing on your mind during that time of the month, but it doesn’t have to be. Light activity can actually make period pain more bearable if you opt for the right activity, and we’re bringing you some of the best possible options.

Going For Walks

There’s no need to force yourself to work out on your period, but staying on the move can do you no harm. A leisurely walk or a short hike is all it takes to stay active and feel a little bit better.


When opting for a workout program to do on your period, try to focus on activities that will up your serotonin levels. Dancing certainly falls under that category because it allows you to unwind and move to the rhythm at your own pace.

Stretching & Yoga

Yoga is one of the first activities that comes to mind when it comes to combating period pain. It’s one of the most relaxing workout programs on the market, and you should focus on medication, stretching, and light movements when doing yoga during your period.


Pilates is another great workout option worth considering during your period, especially if your cramps are not too severe.

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