Best Ways to Keep Your Home Cool & Breezy If You Don’t Have AC

Keeping your home cool and breezy during hot summer months can feel like mission impossible – especially if you don’t have an air conditioner. Most people rely on AC once temperatures rise, but there are other methods you can turn to when trying to beat the summer heat.


Fans are the best possible solution you can turn to if installing AC is not an option. They’re pretty cheap and easy to use when compared to air conditioners, but can still keep your living space pleasantly cool by generating cold air.

Cross Ventilation

Cross ventilation is one of the most popular natural cooling methods on the market, and you can use it to easily banish the heat. Strategically open the windows on the opposite sides of your home to promote airflow, letting fresh air and hot air out.

Cooking Routine

Even if cooking and baking are your favorite hobbies, try to pull the breaks during the hot summer months. Turning off heat-producing kitchen appliances will only increase the room temperature, so try to switch to lighter recipes that don’t require cooking.

Blocking Sunlight

Blinds and curtains will become your trusty companions this summer and help you block the sunlight. They can shield your home from the sun’s rays, especially during the hours of the day when the sun shines the brightest.

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