Fun and Flirty Pickup Lines to Try on Men

Whether you’re a fan of pickup lines in person or on a dating app, look no further! We’ve got you covered with a list of funny and flirty pickup lines to get you a hot date or to simply filter out guys you don’t want to be dating. Try these lines the next time you open Bumble to reel in a catch with your charm and wit.

“You look familiar…”

This line is an attention grabber that can almost be followed up by anything based on the response you get. If you’re going for flirty and fun try “I think I’ve seen you in my dreams before. Perhaps we can turn that dream into a reality.” If he beats you to the punch with “Maybe I’m the man of your dreams,” before you can even get any of that out, you’ll know you either found a player or a serial dater. Who knows though, he may just be the man of your dreams.

“It’s a good thing I have a library card because I’m totally checking you out.”

Flattery gets you everywhere. This line is nothing short of fantastic and if he has a sense of humor he will appreciate it. If he doesn’t appreciate a bold personality though, he may just be the one you return.

“Aside from being gorgeous, what do you do for a living?”

We like this one as a subtle and sweet way to find out if he’s employed!

“We should get a coffee sometime because I definitely like you a latte.”

This one’s corny, but it will at least get you a sizzling hot coffee date with someone you like a latte.

“Call me Fiona cuz I am head ogre heels for you.”

We included this one as a sure way to find your Shrek. If you have a similar sense of humor he might just be the ogre you end up buying a swamp with.

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