5 Songs to Play By The 1975 Before Seeing Them in Concert

The 1975, the band not the year, has been increasing in popularity for their melodic indie pop sound, some reminiscent of the 1975 funk era. If you’re still jumping on The 1975 bandwagon, we’ve got you covered with a short list of our favorite songs by them to blast before seeing them on tour At Their Very Best.

“The Sound”

We’ve put “The Sound” first because it is one of their most popular songs, and perhaps the one that kickstarted their fame. “The Sound” has been around since before the band’s first album came out, and is one of their more poppier songs. The song is upbeat, catchy, and has excellent guitar solos to make you dance. According to the band’s leading man, Matt Healy, “The Sound” is one of their favorites to play live.

“I’m in Love With You”

As hard as it tries not to be, “I’m in Love With You,” is a funky, upbeat love song. It’s one of the band’s more serious songs, characterizing the simplicity of being in love.


“Guys” is an underrated romantic song about non-romantic relationships. It characterizes the essence of some of our most formative relationships: those with our friends. “You guys are the best thing that ever happened to me,” truly says it all.

“Somebody Else”

This trance-like song is truly a slow burn, reminiscent of feelings of heartbreak and regret. It captures the experience of moving on from a relationship and the pain of seeing someone you loved with “someone else”.

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