Flu Season is Here: Here are Some Tips to Maintain Immunity

Cold and flu season has befallen upon us. As the temperatures begin to drop, the rise in flu cases will tend to go up. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain your immunity in order to protect your health if you catch a cold or flu this season. Keep reading for a few short tips for keeping your immunity up.

Vitamin C

This one may seem obvious, but many people are not getting enough vitamin C necessary to ward off cold and flu-like symptoms. It’s important to have a daily dose of vitamin C from sources such as oranges, orange juice, and supplements. Make sure you have a serving of OJ at breakfast, or to take a supplement during the next few months.

Amino Acids

Optimal carbohydrate and healthy fat consumption is imperative for maintaining a strong immune system as many fats are needed for making the proteins that regulate your immune function.

Wash Your Hands

Maintain basic levels of hygiene such as washing your hands before cooking and eating, after sneezing, or when using the bathroom or coming back home.

Plenty of Sleep

It is important to maintain lower levels of stress and to get at least 8 hours of sleep to ward off sicknesses like the flu. People tend to be more susceptible to the flu and viruses when the body is low on sleep.

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