“Flossing” is Summer’s Biggest Fashion Trend & We Owe it All to Dundas

Tied-up, crisscross dresses are putting the “flossing” trend on the map this summer, and Hollywood superstars can’t get enough of it. Many designers have embraced this craze in recent months, but Dundas was amongst the first to put it on the map with their signature laced-up dresses. Here are five celebrities who couldn’t resist Dundas’ amazing designs.

Miranda Kerr

Dundas’ Nirvana dress became a huge hit with Hollywood superstars in recent months. Miranda Kerr put a classy spin on it with this look and opted for the elegant white Nirvana gown.


Dundas also has a mini-Nirvana dress in store and Ciara opted for a vibrant yellow shade to make her outfit really pop.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Dundas put a spin on the original Nirvana dress by adding some sequins to the mix. Metallic shooting star motifs led to the creation of the Nirvana Estella dress and Alessandra Ambrosio couldn’t resist this dazzling design.

Frida Aasen

Dundas’ white crisscross gowns look classy and edgy at the same time and this Electra dress worn by Frida Aasen is case in point.

Heidi Klum

We’ve seen the iconic supermodel wear pretty much every Dundas dress in a recent campaign for the designer’s resort capsule collection and this lace-up design knocked us off our feet.

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