Top 3 Healthiest Cities in America

If you’re looking to get into a healthier lifestyle, we tip our hats off to you. As beneficial as it is to exercise and eat right, it can still be hard to push ourselves to do it when we’re in a bad routine. However, it’s a lot easier to do when we’re surrounded by the right people, the right accommodations, and the right neighborhood. When it comes to these three American cities, that’s exactly what you’ll get and more.

Arlington, Virginia

According to the website U.S. News, Arlington is one of the healthiest cities in America—because they rank first in six different categories related to fitness and health. Their stats are high across the board, displaying great health, high levels of exercise, and very low rates of smoking.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is also a super health-oriented city, from its increasingly large number of eco-friendly restaurants to the many different gyms you can get a membership for. It’s also a great city to live in if you love biking because it’s a major trend there.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

If biking is a popular trend in Seattle, in Minneapolis it’s a full-on lifestyle. There are numerous bike trails throughout the city and the residents are quite happy to use them. This city is a major hotspot for lovers of staying fit, making it another one of America’s healthiest cities.

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