Feeling Overwhelmed By Your To-Do List? Let’s Break it Down!

To-do lists can be a great way to organize our time and make sure we do everything we need to get done. However, an ever-expanding to-do list can feel overwhelming, and even paralyzing. Where to begin? Follow these top tips to make your to-do-list useful again!


Look at your deadlines and prioritize according to urgency and importance. There’s no point ticking off a bunch of tasks that can wait if you’re simply putting off a more pressing job. Organize your list in order of priority and use colored markers to denote categories.

Cut Out Irrelevant Tasks

If your to-do list has become long and unwieldy, it’s a good idea to condense it. Some tasks that seemed relevant on Monday might not be on Wednesday. Cut out any tasks that have become irrelevant and you will start to feel the stress melting away!

Break Down Larger Tasks

Larger tasks are the most overwhelming and scary. If you’re feeling stuck, break down larger projects into small, manageable and actionable tasks. That way, you can tick things off more often, releasing dopamine into your brain and making you feel more productive!

Reward Yourself!

Come up with a reward system so you feel more motivated to complete the items on your list. Finished 5 tasks? Have a cup of tea and a biscuit. Working on that thing you’ve been putting off all week? Plan to take a 30-minute break once you’re done!

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