Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Fall

While we’ll always love a capsule wardrobe full of high-quality basics that we can rotate year round, we can’t deny that it can also be fun to experiment with new trends from season to season. With fall just around the corner, we’ve been taking inventory of our closets to figure out where we have room to add some new pieces and are looking forward to filling in the gaps with some of this season’s top styles. Here are a few we’re especially excited about.


Nothing says “fall” quite like a good pair of boots, and this fall is set to bring some really fun styles. So far, we’ve been seeing a lot of knee-highs as well as grungy motorcycle boots—think zippers, laces, and thick soles to boot. If you prefer simpler, more minimalist styles, you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of leather riding boots paired with a cozy sweater dress.

Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals

After a summer of Barbie-inspired hot pink everything and more mermaidcore than we knew what to do with, we have to admit that we’re somewhat relieved to see the return of a more muted color palette. Not only are colors like ivory, camel, and rich chocolate browns easier to pair with existing pieces in our wardrobes, they’re also timeless in a way that we can justify spending a bit more on higher-quality pieces made to last.

The 2010s

For better or worse, the defining styles of the 21st century’s second decade are in the process of making a comeback. While we’re not entirely sure how to feel about this glaring reminder of the passage of time, we are happy for the chance to pull certain pieces out of storage. After all, there was something to be said for the convenience and versatility of leather jackets, oversized bags, and skinny jeans. That said, if we ever see another wedge sneaker again, it’ll be too soon.

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