Emma Stone Gained 15 Pounds For Her Latest Role

You always hear about celebrities exploring their newest weight loss trends. It is rare for celebrities, especially actresses, to want to gain weight. Famous women often get plastered on some trashy magazine cover if they even look like they gained just 10 pounds. Emma Stone has taken a different approach to being famous and focusing on her weight.

For her latest role as Billie Jean King in Fox Searchlight’s film,  Battle of the Sexes, Stone gained 15 pounds. She worked with Jason, a celebrity trainer who founded Rise Nation fitness center. With his help dialing in on her nutritional intake and her strength building workouts, Jason was able to scalp the actress into a more athletic body that would have better represented the likes of Billie Jean King.

One of the most important factors of this new routine was upping Stone’s calorie intake through the addition of bulkier clean foods and the incorporation of protein shakes. Along with protein, Jason would ass  tablespoons of Udos oil to increase Stone’s fat intake.

Another aspect of the fitness plan that was extremely important was the training. Stone would meet Jason five days a week and twice every day for four out of those five days prior to filming.

When filming started, they started training less not only because there was less time, but also because Stone would have to play tennis for a good portion of the movie scenes and Jason didn’t want to over-exert her.

Emma stone is clearly a very dedicated actress and this is perfectly expressed by her willingness to fully invest her own body into becoming more similar to a character in a story she has a role in.

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