Easy Ways to Add Accessories to Any Outfit

Adding accessories can turn the blandest of outfits into major fashion looks. Here are three easy ways to play around with accessorizing.

Wear a Chain Belt

This is a super simple way to spice up your outfit. There are so many types of chain belts, so you’ll find one to suit your style. You can also usually find these second-hand for a good bargain. Just wear one slung over a skirt or some jeans for an easy chic look.

Put Some Leg Warmers On

Despite the name, these don’t have to be too warm. You can get lighter material ones, such as mesh or lace ones. These add serious style points to your outfit, as well as playing around with your proportions. Having this fun accessory helps your feet and shoes merge into your overall look. 

Add a Small Scarf

Scarves are often worn to keep warm in the winter, but with a light one, they can be worn any time of year just to add an extra dimension to your look. Again, there are so many styles of skinny scarf to choose from so you can build an outfit to your personal taste.

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