Dating Advice You Need at Any Age

As humans, we have a natural desire for companionship. But if you’re single in 2023, you probably know that dating nowadays is a minefield. If you’re feeling frustrated, despondent, and like just giving up, bear these things in mind. 

Timelines Don’t Matter

We know; it’s super hard when everyone around you seems to be getting married, buying homes, and having kids. It can make you feel left behind and as though you aren’t doing as well as others. But trust us, that’s not the case. The only person you have to compare yourself to is you. Feeling pressured by a particular timeline means you might make big decisions from a place of insecurity.

Your Taste Changes With Age

Let’s admit it, when we’re young, we’re charmed by good looks, great bodies, and flashy cars. As we mature, though, we tend to go for other qualities, like emotional intelligence; communication skills; honesty; and self-awareness. It can also take a bit of time for both of you to reach a place where you are comfortable enough to be vulnerable. 

It Starts With You

You may roll your eyes at this, but here’s the truth—you’ve got to love yourself first. You have to know who you are and what you bring to the table in order to know who is worthy of sitting there.

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