Ciara Guides Us Through Her Skincare Routine

On every red carpet that she rocks, Clara’s skin looks flawless. But that wasn’t always the case as the “Jump” singer revealed while sharing her skincare and make-up routine with Vogue. 

“I was the girl that used body soap on my face. I used body lotion on my face. And then my best friend and makeup artist, Yolanda, told me, ‘Ciara, you need to work on how you’re taking care of your skin. That is not it. What you’re doing is not it.‘  And she was right,” the Grammy winner says.

Ciara reveals that using actual skincare products was a game-changer for her as she could see the improvement in her skin. She now has her own skincare line called O.A.M. which stands for “on a mission”. 

Aside from making sure her skin gets the proper attention it needs (she’s more on the dry side), The Game actress is a big believer in brows. 

“I feel like you don’t have a face without eyebrows being right,” Ciara declares

Her go-to product? Got2Be Glue Gel which she applies with a spoolie to keep the hairs in place. “You know how they say ‘secure the bag?’ Secure the brow,” she quips. 

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