Avoid These Colors in the Kitchen

Color theory is no fluke. Rooted in psychology, the practice examines how we relate to color and the effect that it has on our emotional, mental, and physical state. Companies spend millions on branding to convey a certain message with the colors they use, so it makes sense that we spend some time thinking about what colors to use in our home. 

The kitchen is a hub where people tend to gather, be it guests or those living in the home. It can often be thought of as the heart. Thus, when it comes to adding color to the space, there are a few colors to avoid.


Spiritual experts recommend not using blue when painting the walls of your kitchen. That’s because the hue is associated with water and the kitchen is an area where fire reigns.


Dark hues such as black and brown can denote dirt or mold, which you definitely don’t want in a space where food is being prepared. Black can also symbolize death and is considered unlucky in many cultures.


Gray is another color that can be considered as unlucky. The hue contradicts feelings of safety and security, and seeing as there are many sharp objects in the kitchen, feeling safe is imperative.

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