Care for Your Cuticles With These Tips

As far as nails go, many of us have one bad habit in common. It involves pulling at the skin of our cuticles, and in some cases drawing blood. It would be insane to pull at skin anywhere else on our bodies, but it seems as though the flesh around our nails is fair game. 

The cuticle serves as a defence mechanism for our nails, protecting its growth and preventing any deformities. That said, they are dead skin cells and can ruin a manicure if they look dry and ungroomed.

To Remove or Not to Remove?

One of the latest trends doing the rounds is the Russian manicure. It includes the use of an electric filer to open up the eponychium to remove the cuticle and allow the manicurist to place the polish right up to the edge of the nail. However, totally removing the living cuticle can cause it to actually grow back thicker and harder. 

Push Your Luck

To keep your cuticles looking their best, push them back thoroughly and snip only the dead skin that is noticeably hanging. The best time to do this is when they’re soft, like after a shower or soaking your hands.Β 

Moisture Matters

Skin across our bodies needs moisture, so don’t forget your cuticles. Apply cuticle oil and hand lotion, or try the nail slugging trend where a petroleum-based moisturizer like Vaseline is slathered on your nails before bed.

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