Bathtub Trays Will Take Your Self-Care Routine to the Next Level

Bathtub trays experienced a true boom in the past few years, and if you still don’t have one at home—this is a sign from the universe to get it. They’re as chic and practical as it gets and can help you take your self-care routine to new heights in more ways than one.

Spa Day

If you just want to sit back, relax, and have a spa day in your bathtub, place all your scented candles, essential oils, and other essentials on your tray and enjoy your time to the fullest.

Snack Time

Trays are first and foremost used to serve food so why not use your bathtub tray for this purpose? Drinking a glass of wine in the bathtub is a pretty common indulgence, but you can add some fruits and snacks to the mix, as well.

Netflix & Chill

If you enjoy binge-watching Netflix whenever you get a free moment, nothing’s stopping you from doing it in your bathtub—as long as you have your own tray.

Reading Nook

Once you have a bathtub tray, you can transform your bathroom into your personal reading nook. Photos of books resting on a bathtub tray are all over Instagram and they’ll make you rethink the way you read.

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