3 Etsy Shops Every Candle-Lover Should Know


One of our favorite ways to make our homes feel cozier is with candles. We love the way the soft glow of a flame can make a space feel warm and inviting, especially when the candle also emits a nice scent. Big, brand-name candle shops are fine, but we definitely prefer to support small businesses whenever we can.

Shopping on Etsy is one of the best ways to do this and this e-commerce site is full of independent shops selling some of the most beautiful and well-made candles we’ve ever seen. With fall around the corner, we’re stocking up. Here are some of our favorite shops.


This New York-based candle maker creates luxurious candles designed to evoke memory through scent. We love the clean, minimalist packaging and our favorite scent is the shop’s bestseller “The Beginning”.

FIP Candles

FIP stands for “falling into place,” and that definitely describes the way that these candles make us feel—like just maybe, everything will be okay. Scents like “Edge of Autumn” are comforting while the astrology series is seriously fun.


One of Etsy’s most popular candle shops, Alphatox (also known as @waxywickco on social media) makes candles that not only smell great but are also beautiful to look at. They offer scented and unscented candles in a variety of fun and unique shapes. Our favorite is their bubble candle.