Avoid These Mistakes When Designing Your Living Room

As your natural gathering place where you socialize with your family and friends, the living room truly is the heart of your home. Here are some important mistakes you need to avoid while designing your living room in order to ensure that it truly gives off the spirit you’re aiming for.

Matching Furniture Sets

Although you might think it looks smart to have a sofa and chairs of the same color and texture, it can actually prove boring. Rather get a sofa, coffee table, and other seating that actually has contrasting yet complementing colors. This will ensure that your space is well-matched but interesting.

Sacrifice Style For Kids

Despite being somewhat messy, you don’t need to compromise style because of your kids. Just make sure to opt for furniture that can be easily cleaned if there are any spills. A machine-washable slipcover sofa is one option that can prove stylish yet durable.

Not Enough Seating

No matter how small your living room is, it’s important to have enough seating for all who live in the house as well as some additional space for guests. If you’re low on space, add some compact seats and ottomans around your sofa. Remember, apart from your sofa, seating doesn’t need to be bulky and soft in order to be comfortable.

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