Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Back Together?

We have all heard the rumors that after Selena Gomez’s recent breakup with The Weeknd, she immediately cuddled back up to Justin Bieber.  Selena and Justin have been an item of gossip in the celebrity circle since about 2010, before they admitted to their relationship. Since then, the pair have been on again and off again and have been keeping Jelena fans on edge ever since.

Starting in 2010, when Selena and Justin first met, they became best friends. Selena even said she loved Justin like a little brother. Later that year, dating rumors began but nothing was officially confirmed until March 2011, after the couple were seen together on the red carpet in February 2011. After about a year, there were even engagement rumors flying around the media! However, in 2012, the couple called off their relationship for the first time. And since then, they have been seemingly on again, off again for the past few years. Both Selena and Justin have had other relationships in between their on-again stages, but none seemed as serious as Selena’s 10 month relationship with The Weeknd.

So, with all of this “hanging out”, it is safe to assume that either Selena and Justin are working towards getting back together or are at least just hooking up. Whatever the case is, it doesn’t seem like these two will ever be fully capable of not being in eachother’s lives, whether it’s as being each other’s romantic partner or just being really, really, really close friends.

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