Amazing Shows to Watch on Netflix While Waiting for Season 4 of “Never Have I Ever”

The third season of teen comedy Never Have I Ever is taking Netflix by storm right now and most fans binge-watched it in a single sitting. If that also happens to be the case with you, here are some amazing Netflix series you can watch while waiting for its fourth and final season.

I Am Not Okay With This

Just like Never Have I Ever, this series centers on a teenage girl who tries to navigate the ups and downs of high school following the death of her father, but with one major twist—she has superpowers!

S-x Education

One of Netflix’s leading teen dramas focuses on a teenage son of a successful s-x therapist who teams up with a fellow classmate to give relationship advice to his high school peers.

Derry Girls

If your favorite thing about Never Have I Ever was the amazing dynamic between Devi and her friends, you have to watch this show about a group of Irish teens attending Catholic girls’ secondary school during the early ’90s.

On My Block

Just like Never Have I Ever, this series received praise for its diverse cast, and it centers on four teens whose lifelong friendship is tested once they start going to high school.

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