Rihanna’s Make-Up Artist Recommends Doing This For Under Eye Circles

If you have dark circles under your eyes, don’t fret—you’re in good company. Even famous stars like Rihanna have to contend with the effects of not getting enough shut-eye! The Grammy Award winner has some help from her make-up artist, Priscilla Ono, who has some tips for the rest of us. 

Priscilla uses a technique on RiRi that has been making the rounds on TikTok. It involves the use of basic color theory to counteract the dark circles.

“This trend is going crazy on TikTok right now,” says the global make-up artist for Fenty Beauty. “People are literally taking pink lipstick and mixing it with their concealer and applying it under their eyes, or mixing pink blush with their powder under their eyes to create this soft-focus kind of look. Color correction really goes back to the color wheel: We makeup artists use it to see what the opposite colors are. The opposite from red is green, so red will really help to correct any green veins or dark circles under the eyes, and pink is a tint of red.”

Of course, pink doesn’t work for every skin shade. Pink will work best on fair skin, while a peachy tone is better for someone with medium-tan skin like Rihanna’s. If yours is tan but not as dark, a yellow-based shade will be good, whereas a darker orange is ideal for deep skin.

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