Amazing Benefits of Exploring New Cities on Foot

From public transportation to hop-on hop-off buses, the list of ways to navigate a new city is pretty much endless, but there’s a reason why many travelers opt for walking instead. Exploring new places on foot comes with a long list of benefits, and here are a few reasons why you should give it a shot.

Local Immersion

Walking is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture and feel like a local. It will give you a chance to absorb all those tiny things that make each new place unique, that you’d probably miss out on if you were exploring the sights any other way.

Discovering Hidden Gems

Each city is brimming with countless hidden gems that you probably won’t discover through research alone. Walking encourages exploration and curiosity, allowing you to stumble upon countless amazing spots you didn’t know existed.

Saving Money

If you’re trying to stay on the budget during your travels, walking is a great money saver because it’s essentially free. You won’t have to spend money on taxis and public transportation, and you can put it towards other more enriching experiences.

Staying on the Move

Walking will also do wonders for your physical health because you’ll constantly be on the move, easily reaching your daily step goal and burning extra calories along the way.

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